Tikun Olam from Cannabit Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is the first and leading cannabis supplier in Israel, a pioneer in clinical research and recognized as a pioneer in the field of modern medical cannabis. Since its establishment in 2006, the company operates and develops in Israel and around the world.

From the lowest point on earth, we take medical cannabis to new heights

When it comes to quality and innovation, our policy is: zero compromise.

Tikun Olam-Cannbit is a pioneer in the cultivation, multiplication and growth of genetics, agriculture and innovation in the medical cannabis industry. We invest in science, technology, research and development.

Tikun Olam-Cannbit boasts two growing farms – one in northern Israel and one near the Dead Sea – with an annual production capacity of more than 5 tons (a figure expected to exceed 8 tons in 2021). Our organic farms are the most advanced in the medical cannabis industry, from climate-controlled growth houses with state-of-the-art sealing and sanitization methods to the use of biological pesticides.

Our growing operations include precise computerized methods and sophisticated irrigation systems that allow for maximum control. We can even produce exclusive fertilization formulations and process control systems to analyze the entire growth cycle, from seedling to plant. Our farms are designed, engineered and process-adapted as pharmaceutical plants with advanced 24/7 control and monitoring capabilities for traceability and repetition of the raw materials produced, allowing for continuous growth throughout the year.

In the post-harvest phase, we utilize unique drying methods and our cutting-edge packaging facilities are equipped with innovative air conditioning and filtration systems, meeting the strictest industry standards and earning an EU-GMP certification.

The genetic R&D and breed improvement

For more than a decade, Tikun Olam-Cannbit has been working to realize the full therapeutic potential inherent in the cannabis plant, making us a global industry leader in every aspect from the plant itself to its properties. As the first company in Israel to begin R&D in the field of cannabis plant genetics, Tikun Olam-Cannbit offers unmatched knowledge and expertise while pioneering genetic improvement for the development of high-quality and leading medical cannabis strains with unique and high therapeutic effectiveness.

We invest significant resources in developing and advancing diverse genetic tools to obtain comprehensive and smart genetic characterization that enables control, increased certainty, and a very deep understanding of the cannabis plant.

Our most recent development is CGF app – a system for cannabis genomic analysis. This apps sets accurate diagnostics and exclusive genetic characterizations, regardless of environmental or cultivation factor, keeping uniform and repetitive genetics to minimize deviation ranges of the active ingredient profile.

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