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Brief Report: Cannabidiol-Rich Cannabis in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Severe Behavioral Problems—A Retrospective Feasibility Study
J Autism Dev Disord, 2018

Adi Aran1 · Hanoch Cassuto2 · Asael Lubotzky1 · Nadia Wattad1 · Esther Hazan1

1 Neuropediatric Unit, Shaare Zedek Medical Center, 12 Bayit Street, 91031 Jerusalem, Israel; 2 Clalit HMO (Kupat Holim), Jerusalem, Israel

This retrospective study assessed tolerability and efficacy of cannabidiol-rich cannabis, in 60 children with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and severe behavioral problems. Following the cannabis treatment, behavioral outbreaks were much improved or very much improved in 61% of patients.

STUDY POPULATION: 60 children with ASD.

STRAIN: About half of the patients recived Avidekel oil.


  • Considerable improvement in behavior problems was reported in 61% of the children.
  • Considerable improvement in anxiety and communication problems was reported in 39% and 47% of the children respectively.
  • Following the cannabis treatment, 33% of patients received fewer medications or lower dosage, 24% stopped taking medications and 8% received more medications or higher dose.


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