Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about medical cannabis

Georges Gilles de la Tourette was a French doctor who described the syndrome in 1884.Tourette’s is a neuropsychiatric disorder characterized by involuntary movement tics and at least one vocal tic over a year. Frequency:1% of children aged 8-15 develop Tourette’s syndrome with a 3:1 ratio between boys and girls.Tourette’s syndrome is considered a complex disorder […]

 Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder that affects people in different ways, and no two cases are identical. Cases are more or less complex, and they are generally defined by level of functioning (open a window for further reading:) Symptoms of ASD can generally be identified at an early stage of […]

The word epilepsy is derived from the Greek word “epilepsia” which means “possession”, because in an epileptic seizure, it looks as if a foreign entity is taking control of the individual.There is also a Hebrew name for the condition based on the idea of external compulsion – “Kfiyon”. Another expression used in Hebrew is “falling […]

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The literal meaning of “Fibromyalgia” is “pain in connective tissues and muscles”. Muscular pain is a common syndrome that belongs to the rheumatological group of diseases characterized by severe pain, considerable fatigue, and strong sensitivity. The pain is felt along the spine, in the neck and back, and in the upper and lower limbs. The […]

Crohn’s disease belongs to the group of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD). It is characterized by chronic or aggressive inflammation of the digestive system, due to idiopathic activation of the immune system.It is a chronic disease, meaning that most patients will experience ongoing symptoms and attacks, ranging from minor to life-threatening.The infection can involve any part […]

Cannabis is a type of annual unisexual herb in the Cannabaceae family, with unique healing properties. Three sub-species are recognized: sativa, indica, and hybrid.Prof. Raphael Mechoulam, chairman of the Tikun Olam Advisory Committee, discovered the “family effect” in the cannabis plant – the interactive synergy of the full plant spectrum.There are over 500 cannabinoid preparations […]

Cannabinoids are a varied group of chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant and active on cannabinoid receptors in the body.Phytocannabinoids are a group of active molecules in the cannabis plant, formed from the plant’s enzymes, unlike endocannabinoids which are formed in the human or mammal body.Over 100 cannabinoids have been identified in the cannabis […]

All of us have in our bodies receptors that detect cannabinoids from the cannabis plant and react to them. This system, which exists in all mammals, is called the endocannabinoid system.This is a neurotransmitter system that operates on the brain and affects a range of functions and systems in the body. The discovery of the […]

Medical cannabis is a natural and safe treatment, based on clinical trials that have been conducted for over a decade. However, it is necessary to get used to the treatment, and there may be some side effects we would like you to know about.Here you can find advice on how to deal with side effects […]

FLOWERS NEED TIME TO BLOOM Patience is the key rule for treatment with medical cannabis: The internet is full of information about cannabis, but much of it does not match the instructions that the patient receives from the pharmacist. Most declarations do not chime with actual expectations and therefore patients assume that the treatment is […]


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