Cerebral Palsy

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Medical Cannabis for Pediatric Moderate to Severe Complex Motor Disorders
Journal of Child Neurology, 2018

Stephanie Libzon, MScPT1, Lihi Bar-Lev Schleider, MA2, Naama Saban, RN2, Luda Levit, CTA2, Yulia Tamari1, Ilan Linder, MD1, Tally Lerman-Sagie, MD1, and Lubov Blumkin, MD1

1 Pediatric Neurology Unit, Pediatric Movement Disorders Unit, Wolfson Medical Center, Holon, Sackler School of Medicine, Tel-Aviv University, Israel; 2 Research Department, Tikun Olam Ltd, Tel-Aviv, Israel

A clinical trial examined children who suffer from Complex Motor Disorders (primarily cerebral palsy). Results have shown significant improvement in spasticity and dystonia, sleep difficulties, pain severity, and quality of life.  

STUDY POPULATION: 25 patients with complex motor disorders (primarily cerebral palsy)

STRAIN: Avidekel enriched 5% cannabis oil with 1:6 and 1:20 ratio


CBD-enriched 5% cannabis oil with CBD: THC ratios of 6:1 and 20:1 are effective in reducing the severity of dystonia and spasticity, and improving motor function ability and quality of life.

All patients demonstrated mood and appetite improvement.

Patients treated with the 6:1 ratio oil demonstrated sleep improvement.

Patients treated with the 20:1 ratio oil demonstrated improvement in constipation.


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