Treatment of Children

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Over the years we have invested in clinical research and collected very extensive knowledge and experience in the field of medical cannabis treatments for children, starting from the age of three weeks, including the development of unique preparations and strains, at the request of some of Israel’s leading doctors.
Our preparations for children use the Avidekel strain, which has won awards all over the world. Pediatric treatments focus on CBD-rich preparations with a low concentration of THC, and since they have no potential for psychoactive effects, they are safe for use from infancy.
Currently, the main indications for the use of medical cannabis therapies for children are:
Epilepsy – decreased frequency of attacks in 89% of subjects:
An observational study led by Dr. Michal Tsadok in order to examine the effect of CBD-rich medical cannabis oil on children and youths diagnosed with treatable epilepsy.
The studied strain: Avidekel.
The research took place at Sheba, Sourasky, Wolfson, Assaf Harofeh medical centers, and the Ministry of Health MCU.
From our experience we know that treatment with CBD-rich medical cannabis helps to reduce the number and duration of seizures and decreases the intensity of seizures and the postictal state.
Autism – 75% improvement to all symptoms
This finding is from an observational study led by Dr. Orit Stoller from Assaf Harofeh Medical Center, whose purpose was to examine the effect of medical cannabis on children diagnosed with ADS.
The strains used in the study: Avidekel and Erez.
Improvement in ASD metrics – calmer, better mood, better quality sleep, sensory balance, and regulation.
The world’s first group test using cannabis to treat children on the autism scale was conducted by our Clinic staff.
Oncology – relief of the side effects of chemotherapy treatment – nausea and vomiting, improved appetite, pain reduction, improved mood, and improved sleep patterns.
Back in 1995, Prof. Abramov and Prof. Mechoulam of Sha’arei Tsedek Hospital conducted a trial on 8 children aged 3-13, who for a period of 8 months were treated with THC oil about two hours before the chemotherapy and afterwards, every 6 hours for a 24-hour period.
The results were far-reaching: the nausea and vomiting stopped completely, and no other side effects were observed.
Metabolic and Neurological Conditions – improvement of spasticity and dystonia, relief of sleep disturbances, decrease in pain and increase in quality of life.
All these findings are taken from a study by Dr. Luba Blumkin of Wolfson Medical Center, with the aim of examining the effect of Avidekel oil on children suffering from CP or a genetic defect.
There were distinct improvements in appetite, ability to swallow, and nutritional metrics.
The miracle of children treated with cannabis oil

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