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affect people’s quality of life

Who we are

Since 2006 we have been growing the cannabis plant in order to help all our patients maintain a good quality of life alongside the symptoms they suffer from.

We were able to pave the way for the cannabis industry here in Israel thanks to the strains, the research, the accompaniment and the guidance of the patients and first and foremost thanks to the people who are the beating heart of our industry.

what are we doing

As the pioneers of medical cannabis in Israel, we own the entire value chain, from research and development through growing the plant, laboratory tests, oil extraction and packaging, distribution, marketing support and patient guidance.

Each division specializes in its field. Together we provide the most effective treatment, thanks to our brands, which are valuable and clinically proven to be effective and improve quality of life.

Why do we do this?

Our goal is to explore and discover the full potential of the cannabis plant and use it to produce effective therapeutic solutions for any pain, symptom or problem that people suffer from. Our brands are valuable and clinically proven to be effective and improve quality of life.

With us, the sky is the limit and we support any idea or task that will bring value to patients.

our values


That we can all connect and understand the “big picture”, the meaning behind the actions of each and every one of us, and establish the trust of the team in the effectiveness of our products.


We believe that good communication between team members and members of the various departments is a consequence of trust and partnership and is what makes teamwork more efficient and easier.


The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We believe that teamwork is the beating heart of the organization. Backing up, sharing and willingness to help, this is the DNA of our team.


Our work environment encourages thinking outside the box which brings with it victories and sometimes also failures. We are proud to give full backing to anyone who dares to dream

תודה על הגשת מועמדותך, במידה וקורות החיים ימצאו רלוונטיים ניצור קשר. בהצלחה!