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Tikun Olam from Cannabit Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is the first and leading cannabis supplier in Israel, a pioneer in clinical research and recognized as a pioneer in the field of modern medical cannabis. Since its establishment in 2006, the company operates and develops in Israel and around the world.

Innovative production site

Tikun Olam- Cannbit’s production site is located in the northern valley and is one of the most advanced in the field of medical cannabis production. Our State-of-the-Art Production capabilities enable us to produce High throughput of 22 tons of inflorescences and oil extract per year and develop a specific extraction protocol for each product.   More About Tikun Olam-Cannbit

Quantity is important but the quality is our cornerstone

Each of our operators is empowered to function as the head of quality. Everyone knows what to do, why they are doing it, and why it matters. Therefore our production site offers exceptional methods. Our unique cannabis oil extraction process is being tailor-made for each medical indication by using CO2/Ethanol technology. In the future, we would offer additional administration forms including ointments, wicks, and caplets. We invest in an R&D facility for cannabinoids isolation to use in products promoting specific virtues and offer OEM services for other cannabis cultivation farms. Our analysis lab is Where high quality exceeds industry and regulatory standards we are proud of our over a decade experience. In the analysis our professional team is using the most advanced equipment including HPLC Cannabinoids analysis, GC terpenes analysis and moisture analysis. And last but not least as a pharma-grade company we boast in our ISO8 cleanroom classification, processing and packaging, storage area, and logistic center.

Rigorous QA

Our strict QA team is responsible for maintaining the quality of the company’s sites and implementing procedures in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health.
QA department leads continuous improvement processes in accordance with the requirements of IMC-GAP, IMC-GMP and IMC-GDP standards.
As part of the department’s work, internal and external audits are conducted, managing exceptional events and change controls and, if necessary, corrective actions and statistical process control. Quality assurance performs supplier certification processes, procurement control and building quality contracts. In addition, the department manages the handling of each complaint from all parties – patients and other parties, by internal investigations and corrective actions. Our Growth
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