T20/C4 Sativa Inflorences Inflorescences of the favorite Sativa are back! Many patients report feeling more energetic and vital after .receiving OZ treatment. Creativity is stimulated, and mood is elevated by it

Grace NG

Available in T3/C15 Grace NG is a Sativa-dominant strain, rich in CBD based on unique genetics developed by Volcani Institute and grown at Bar-Lev Farm. The breeding process has been upgraded, and the inflorescence contains a wealthy terpene profile that enhances the strain’s overall effect, producing a relatively high-impact therapeutic effect. Its treatment may instill […]

Midnight NG

The new generation of balanced strains improved genetics with a vibrant terpenic profile which is expected to produce a better therapeutic effect. Although Midnight NG is considered a balanced strain, it tends to be rich-CBD. Patients report that it generally induces relaxation, thanks to Myrcene, a painkiller thanks to the a-pinene, b-Caryophyllene, and incorporates many […]


Named after Tikun Olam’s first ever patient, Erez is an indica-dominant hybrid that brings serenity and calm. THC rich strain that produces strong effects intended to relieve severe pain and reduce symptoms linked to neurological disorders like Parkinson’s and ALS, such as tremors, muscle spasms, and phantom pain. Erez is also a great choice to […]


Avidekel is the most research strain in the world. An Indica-dominant strain that will help restore and stabilize you and allows you to continue with the routine of life and enjoy high therapeutic efficacy without psychoactive effect, thanks to a particularly high CBD concentration and a very low THC concentration. Containing virtually no THC, Avidekel […]


One of our oldest and most beloved strains. Its name is derived from the sense of freshness it produces. Antarctica significantly improves vitality, uplifts, increases appetite and gives a feeling of energy.


Alaska is among the first and most renowned strains. The name Alaska is chosen because of the freshness receives with every inhalation, creating an atmosphere of cool and clear breath. It is a dominant Sativa strain with a strong, long and relaxing effect. Alaska is suitable for experienced patients to relieve severe pain, improve appetite […]