Patient care

תיקון עולם קנאביס רפואי הינה החברה המובילה ביותר בארץ

About our clinic


In our clinic you will find a professional medical training, the first of its kind in the world in the field of medical cannabis.
The clinic staff consists of qualified nurses and experts in medical cannabis treatment, who know how to tailor personal treatment based on the world's most comprehensive and comprehensive database of medical cannabis, our clinical research findings and laboratory experiments. Over the years, we have guided and accompanied more than 20,000 patients and their families at the clinic, ranging in age from three weeks to 102 years. Our overarching goal is the interpersonal connection, accompaniment, support and personalization for each patient.


Personal training

We will talk about possible side effects and how to avoid and deal with them, we will fill out a medical questionnaire together to recommend the best product for you, and you will receive instructions for safe and effective use of the product

Evaporation technique

After the training and by prior arrangement, those who have a prescription for an inflorescence will be given the opportunity to experience the evaporation technique by a professional instructor with over a decade of experience in the field of medical cannabis.


The trainings are in Hebrew and English - if you need instruction in another language, you must be assisted by a translation guide.


Depending on the prescription you received from the doctor, your medical condition and the medications you take regularly, we have trained our clinic and it is accessible to the disabled in wheelchairs.

ילדים וטף

התכשירים שלנו עבור ילדים מופקים מזן "אבידקל" – זן עתיר פרסים מתחרויות ברחבי העולם. הטיפול בילדים מתרכז בתכשירים עשירים ב-CBD ובעלי ריכוז נמוך של THC ולכן, מכיוון שהם נטולי פוטנציאל להשפעה פסיכו-אקטיבית הם בטוחים לשימוש החל מגיל צעיר ביותר.


ברשות תיקון עולם מאגר נתונים המתבסס על ניסיון טיפולי בעשרות אלפי מטופלים לאורך השנים, ומאגד בתוכו ידע בנושא השפעות הקנאביס הרפואי על מחלות שונות, אפיון זנים, מינונים, דרכי שימוש והפחתת צריכת התרופות הקונבנציונליות בקרב מטופלים.

הגיל השלישי

מטרת הטיפול היא לסייע לאוכלוסיה הבוגרת, משפחותיהם והצוות המטפל, בהתמודדות עם קשיים פיזיולוגיים, נפשיים, התנהגותיים ותפקודיים הנגזרים ממאפייני הגיל ומהסימפטומים הייחודיים של המטופל.

Patients share thier story


Rebecca was suffering from acute pain, required nursing and a wheelchair until she began treatment with Midnight strain capsules. The pain significantly decreased, she has become more independent and .

Israeli Pride: Dr. Naftali, a worldwide pioneer in researching the effects of Cannabis as treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, talks about the use of Cannabis for Crohn and Colitis.

Erez Petkevich RIP, was among the first and most loved Tikun Olam’s patients. The first strain developed by the company, Erez, is named after him.

Different treatments

Tikun Olam is the first supplier of medical cannabis in Israel and known worldwide as a pioneer of modern medical cannabis.Since its establishment in 2006, Tikun Olam has worked with vertical integration – from the plant to the patient. The company cultivates special strains of cannabis and develops medical cannabis products containing fixed and uniform […]

Over the years we have invested in clinical research and collected very extensive knowledge and experience in the field of medical cannabis treatments for children, starting from the age of three weeks, including the development of unique preparations and strains, at the request of some of Israel’s leading doctors.Our preparations for children use the Avidekel […]

Epidemiological Characteristics, Safety and Efficacy of Medical Cannabis in the Elderly European Journal of Internal Medicine, 2018 Ran Abuhasira1, Lihi Bar-Lev Schleider1,2, Raphael Mechoulam3, Victor Novack1 1Cannabis Clinical Research Institute, Soroka University Medical Center, Faculty of Health Sciences, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Be’er-Sheva, Israel; 2Research Department, Tikun Olam LTD, Israel; 3Institute for Drug Research, […]

Set a training

Our nursing team will be happy to assist with any questions, advice and guidance, all you have to do is enter your info and we will get back to you soon!


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