Tourette’s Syndrome

Georges Gilles de la Tourette was a French doctor who described the syndrome in 1884.
Tourette’s is a neuropsychiatric disorder characterized by involuntary movement tics and at least one vocal tic over a year.

1% of children aged 8-15 develop Tourette’s syndrome with a 3:1 ratio between boys and girls.
Tourette’s syndrome is considered a complex disorder although it consists mainly of motor and vocal tics – 90% of patients also suffer behavioral disorders – self-harming, socially unacceptable behavior such as uncontrollable swearing, repetition of syllables and words, symptoms of attention and concentration disorder (ADHD) and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), mood swings, loss of control of urges, and personality disorders.
However, the main symptoms are the tics, which are short, sharp, sudden, repetitive, and non-rhythmic movements or sounds.

The most characteristic motor tics are strong blinking and sharp movements of the hand or the head. In more unusual cases, the tics may be violent, such as biting or hitting oneself or another person.
The tics generally vary in their severity and the discomfort they cause to the sufferer and their environment. Tics can cause a decrease in quality of life, poor nutrition, and personal distress, as well as social difficulties.
Although the syndrome was described back in 1884, so far no cure or treatment has been found. There are clinics to treat tics, but not all sufferers of Tourette’s seek help, although they need support in coping with the tics and symptoms that affect their social and emotional function.

In a clinical study we conducted with the Sourasky Tel Aviv Medical Center, in order to assess the clinical benefit of treatment of Tourette’s with medical cannabis, plus any side effects experienced by regular users:
Average effectiveness grade was 3.85 out of a possible 5 points.
The intensity and severity of tics was reduced.
Better sleep.
Improved mood.

At Tikun Olam House the team of nurses will be happy to meet with you and decide on the most suitable treatment for your individual needs, based on your doctor’s prescription.

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