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Tikun Olam from Cannabit Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is the first and leading cannabis supplier in Israel, a pioneer in clinical research and recognized as a pioneer in the field of modern medical cannabis. Since its establishment in 2006, the company operates and develops in Israel and around the world.

Since 2009 we have helped over 20,000 patients with medical cannabis.
Our training clinic is the first of its kind in the world, and over the years we have guided and assisted patients aged from three weeks to 102 years old.
Our professional clinical team that will assist you consists of qualified nurses and specialists in medical cannabis treatments. The team has been specially qualified to provide individual training and personalization of treatment based on clinical research, laboratory tests, medical national and analysis of the treatment of some 20,000 patients.
Medical cannabis and its products are natural preparations that affect all the body’s systems in ways that vary from person to person, and therefore the process of adjustment is different.

Over the years, it has become obvious that there is a clear need for individual training on how to use the product, with guidance from a qualified nursing team throughout the treatment.
Professional assistance significantly increases the chances of successful treatment, while helping the patient to cope with any possible side effects.
Our overall purpose is to relieve the symptoms for tens of thousands of people in Israel and worldwide, and in order to achieve this, we are proud to be pioneers in the field of cannabis treatment for children and senior citizens, while also providing assistance for their families and caregivers in various institutions, based on full and mutual cooperation.
On our farms and in our analytical laboratory and our factory, we are constantly engaged in research and development of unique strains, plus creating partnerships with leading medical and academic centers in Israel.

We would be happy to receive you in our new clinic located close to the Basel Center, at 9 Hashla Street, Tel Aviv.
To arrange training: *9277.
The outline of the training and assistance you will receive includes:

  • Information about the cannabis plant.
  • The benefits of treatment with medical cannabis.
  • How cannabis will affect your life.

We will talk about possible side effects and how they can be avoided or dealt with.
Together we will complete a medical questionnaire to advise you on the best product for your needs.
You will receive guidance on the safe and effective use of the product.
Together we will define the purposes of the treatment.
Of course, all this is in line with the prescription you have received, your medical status, and other medication that you take regularly.
We have made our clinic accessible to wheelchair users.
After the training and by prior arrangement, holders of a prescription for the flower head will have the opportunity to experience the steaming technique with a professional trainer who has over ten years of experience in medical cannabis.
Training is provided in Hebrew and English – if you require another language, you will need to bring someone to translate.

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